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April 30, 2004
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My Mask Final by keglunekdoq My Mask Final by keglunekdoq
"I put a smile on for you,
Just like a good boy would,
But deep down Im hurting
In a way no one should.

In my eyes
And on my face
Is written a plea,
A hope for a better place.

But what you see
Is the mask I wear
And my heart is bleeding,
On my wrist a tear. "

Now before I make any of you worry, I am fine and happy, and feeling quite good actually, aside from a bothersome wisdom tooth. I drew this out of general fustration, because it sucks major goat 'nads when life doesn't go your way. Its jsut sometimes im tired of putting a smile on for people, even though thats the best thing to do.

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Yatsuhika Apr 12, 2007
Aaaaww the doggy loks so sad
dragong386 Mar 2, 2007  Student General Artist
i can't believe you drew this so well you put exactly how i feel so perfectly i wish you would draw this as a person not a wolf even though i really love this it is truely amazing i'm really sorry that you ever felt or feel this way but i hope it helps to know your not alone and that i really hope things are or will get better because even though i don't know you i want you to know i care because for me knowing people cared saved my life so i know its important anyway i really love your pic so don't stop drawing
nice and deep the way I like them
*sigh* Finding this picture came at the perfect time for me. I'm having a bit of an issue with life right now and that prety much sums up how I feel. I had to add this to my :+fav: list. I get tired of putting on a mask each day too. And yet I do it anyway, untill my mask finally cracks and shatters on me. Oh well. Tomorrow's another day.
wow, that put my mind at ease. i can relate to your drawing though, for i am one of those that everyday with a mask on.
Skippy2243 Aug 7, 2005  Hobbyist Writer
O.O;; whoa... I thought... I was the only one with a mask like that... Suddenly... I don't feel so alone.

Thanks... that is a wonderful and very well done drawing. Hits hard at home...
i really love the style of this piece... the two expressions and the pose... the colors are what seal the deal... this is a fantastic piece my friend... wonderful work.
Beautiful line work and color, and very nice background texture!! Great expression in this piece (though all your work is very expressive:D )
...dude...your actually making me cry....*sniff* really cant describe how good this is...
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