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My Mask Final by keglunekdoq My Mask Final by keglunekdoq
"I put a smile on for you,
Just like a good boy would,
But deep down Im hurting
In a way no one should.

In my eyes
And on my face
Is written a plea,
A hope for a better place.

But what you see
Is the mask I wear
And my heart is bleeding,
On my wrist a tear. "

Now before I make any of you worry, I am fine and happy, and feeling quite good actually, aside from a bothersome wisdom tooth. I drew this out of general fustration, because it sucks major goat 'nads when life doesn't go your way. Its jsut sometimes im tired of putting a smile on for people, even though thats the best thing to do.

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Yatsuhika Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2007
Aaaaww the doggy loks so sad
dragong386 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2007  Student General Artist
i can't believe you drew this so well you put exactly how i feel so perfectly i wish you would draw this as a person not a wolf even though i really love this it is truely amazing i'm really sorry that you ever felt or feel this way but i hope it helps to know your not alone and that i really hope things are or will get better because even though i don't know you i want you to know i care because for me knowing people cared saved my life so i know its important anyway i really love your pic so don't stop drawing
darthkarnage Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2006
nice and deep the way I like them
The-Fitz Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2005
*sigh* Finding this picture came at the perfect time for me. I'm having a bit of an issue with life right now and that prety much sums up how I feel. I had to add this to my :+fav: list. I get tired of putting on a mask each day too. And yet I do it anyway, untill my mask finally cracks and shatters on me. Oh well. Tomorrow's another day.
angemon513 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2005
wow, that put my mind at ease. i can relate to your drawing though, for i am one of those that everyday with a mask on.
Skippy2243 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2005  Hobbyist Writer
O.O;; whoa... I thought... I was the only one with a mask like that... Suddenly... I don't feel so alone.

Thanks... that is a wonderful and very well done drawing. Hits hard at home...
otter1 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2005
i really love the style of this piece... the two expressions and the pose... the colors are what seal the deal... this is a fantastic piece my friend... wonderful work.
Forgewielder Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2005
Beautiful line work and color, and very nice background texture!! Great expression in this piece (though all your work is very expressive:D )
Chow-MeinVampire Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2004
...dude...your actually making me cry....*sniff* really cant describe how good this is...
dragon-illution Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2004  Professional General Artist
brilliant and beatifull this is so true and its something that most of us do.
DarwinSneezed Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2004
That's awesome on so many levels.
tttmmmsss Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2004
Oh wow, beautiful colouring on that. I've fav'd one of your other peices, and so coming to here, wow! here's definately another. :D Again, really pretty.

xBabbo-X-Charbudx Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey you know where i can get one of those kind of masks? i could really use one right about now...*sighs*
Tiger-Kitty Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2004
Ligthen up dude!!!!!!! Just kidding!! LOVE THE PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS SO GREAT AND GOOD AND JUST :wow:
ryuujinno Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2004
Beautiful. I know how it feels too.. ::hugs, just because::
muhadeep Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2004
i really like this alot.. ebsides the awsome qual of the pic its an awsome peice of writing.. i love poetry like you will never know yet.. seldom does it touch me as this one has... id apreciate it if u took a look at one of my peices and gave me your opinion.. its called when will you see the light of
muhadeep Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2004
i really like this alot.. ebsides the awsome qual of the pic its an awsome peice of writing.. i love poetry like you will never know yet.. seldom does it touch me as this one has... id apreciate it if u took a look at one of my peices and gave me your opinion.. its called when will you see the light of
Kat-Nicholson Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2004  Professional General Artist
man I can totally relate to this! -_^ - wonderful concept and beautifully drawn ... great stuff :nod:
cuidame Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
First of all, the original line art for this picture was completely amazing, but no need to mention that since most of everyone here realized what an amazing pencil artist you are.
Secondly, the color of this is completely pro worth. I'm astounded. :drool: I don't know what to say, I can't even think of words or artists to compare it to to make you understand how blown back I am by this peice...
And Thirdly, this picture made me remember my favorite poem by Paul Laurence Dunbar
"We wear the mask that grins and lies,
It hides our cheeks and shades our eyes,--
This debt we pay to human guile;
With torn and bleeding hearts we smile,
And mouth with myriad subtleties.

Why should the world be overwise,
In counting all our tears and sighs?
Nay, let them only see us, while
We wear the mask.

We smile, but, O great Christ, our cries
To thee from tortured souls arise.
We sing, but oh the clay is vile
Beneath our feet, and long the mile;
But let the world dream otherwise,
We wear the mask!"


Lovely peice
shadowsoul Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Such a striking image. It truly touches me. Well, drawn. ;) A wonderful concept skillfully put to paper. Your art is always impressive, especially when it's expressive. Sadly I can relate to this sentiment. Sometimes the masks we were become too much of a burden. :+favlove:
kkitty23 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
i like the BG^^ and yesh...i can relate.
Griever-Zero Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2004
Know how ya feel, bud :hug:
gilad Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2004  Professional Photographer
Brilliant expression - great idea, and beautiful work
skyrigdon Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2004
That's a nice textured background. You're use of highlights are also excellent. Everything comes together to make a beautiful piece.
Yuzi Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2004
Wow, this is just so emotional & so very fucken true. I feel like it has to do alot with so much people problems. Of them having to smile for someone else instead of themselves, or they fake smile to hide behind that they're having troubles of their own. I don't know, its just that theres a mask that we all have that has the false side of things.

& this picture, is just so damn lovely & touching that I have to favor it. I honestly don't like faving pictures that have so much comments & favs to begin with. Because I like to see other pictures that should have a chance of being in glory :nod:

But I really like this, its true, its sad, its real & its like everyone else on how they feel. :heart:
nsmoh2006 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2004
O_O this deserves a +fav
MrFluffums Featured By Owner May 29, 2004
it reminds me of the dramtic/comical masks from thater... its a nice peace, good use of colors and tone, the shading is great, I love how he fades off yet his arm keeps going... the only thing i don't like and this is just because i am stupid, but the bottom with all it's extra space seems like it's to much, maybe the title or something in there would break up that unused space... *shrugs* but then again thats just my neurotic self...
kyoujin Featured By Owner May 15, 2004
Wow.. that's amazing. Great idea.. awesome drawing and coloring. Really love the expression on his face and the mask. Woot.. hope you don't mind that I fav it. :D
keglunekdoq Featured By Owner May 10, 2004
sometimes i can get so torn up inside, half the time its self induced. But more often than not i cant let people know. Either one, i dont want to appear vunerable or weak, or two, i dont want to make anybody sad because of what i feel. Sometimes its because Im missing somebody very special, and to be honest it hurts to be without this person. But I cant be sad all the time. Im slowly starting to learn how to smile through the tears, to finally understand that Im a good person and that i make mistakes like everyone else, but i should learn from them, not hate myself for them. Im learning to let things go, because if you dwell on something, it can lead to problems. Im learning patience. Im learning to respect others. But most of all, Im learning to love someone i have hated for a long time: myself. Im finally starting to sort things out, hopefully before its too late. I dont need the mask anymore.

~Keggy :heart:
makikiyoshi Featured By Owner May 8, 2004
It reminds me of what I do daily. True happiness is not a goal that all of us can reach, pretending to be is also one of them.

The picture speaks for itself.
coyotemystro Featured By Owner May 7, 2004
I don't have alot to say unlike some of the others..

I really love this pic and that's why I fav'ed it a few days.. Cause looking at it, it reminds me of how I try to live my life.. Trying to be happy, even pretending to be happy and ok for myself and my friends.. However, in the ends it's always a mask because inside I''m always hurting not just mentally but physically.. and scared.

Just wanted to say this is beautiful Keg, very nice work...
felinia Featured By Owner May 6, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I wear one everyday
I really like how this came out, very nicely coloured. really moody
KaliBlade Featured By Owner May 5, 2004
:+fav: Beautiful shading, beautiful textures, beautiful colours... just beautiful.
teaselbone Featured By Owner May 4, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
Very cool, I really really like the texture on the background.
coshdaddy Featured By Owner May 3, 2004
First thing about this that caught my eye, besides the amazing quality of the whole thing, was the fact that the character you used in this has a very similar reflection to that of my own, save for the darker grey-blue that you use versus my own choice of more distinct blue. I'm sure it was totally non-intentional, but I thought it was pretty cool.

Too start, I'd say there is very little about this that I don't like. Those few things would start of with the cut/blood along the forearm and wrist. For one, there's no colour to match it, and for another fact that I'm simply a bit queamish at that kind of stuff, and don't find it to be particularily fitting or in good taste for this image. Kind of takes away from the integrety of the imagery and adds a bit more angst and such to the picture. I think the better contrast would be to keep it on the face, and not spreading focus around to different parts of the picture.

The background is perfect. Love it. The way you intregrated such a excellent use of texture and lighting, and the exact opposite colour spectrum of blue (that shade of brown) just highlights the foreground so well, while having a stone-textured piece of art along the back. The bordering is the same way. Nothing too solid, accenting the chaotic feel of the whole thing, while adding a touch of style with the thick and solid colouring along the sides. I also like how you faded the body and arms out at the end of the piece, using the tones of the border to lightly accent the fade out from the line art. Really nice effect and it works rather well.

The anatomy's pretty solid in this, though I'd say that the outstretched arm is the weakest part. The forearm seems a bit too long and the muscle/ligament along the elbow connecting to the forearm the same, and probably the cause of that illusion. Good use of rougher outlining and line art in general, as well. It accents the fur effect that a lot of artists have trouble with. The lighting/shading for this really matches the background, and accents the whole pic very well. The light source from the top works well to have that whole morose or 'looking down' feel and matches the theme very well. Everything's very well done.

This is a truly awesome picture, keglunekdoq. It's rife with imagery, and intricately detailed in substance. Wonderful artistic expression; you've really got a grasp on it. Great work.
Strype Featured By Owner May 3, 2004
Damn Keggy, that's a very nicely done pic....the colouring on it is amazing, especially the background. And dude, just remember, even if everything feels like it sucks now, things change, most of the time for the better. You just gotta hold on, and don't worry about hiding your feelings....
twonjosh Featured By Owner May 3, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow! I!
SkyMcCloud Featured By Owner May 2, 2004
Fantastic Keggy. I know what you mean. I feel like that a lot. Putting on a mask. Wonderful coloring job
Kata Featured By Owner May 1, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
Very nicely done :D I like the idea behind it ^.^
Mikit-Yorinao Featured By Owner May 1, 2004
I love the background and the shading.
brownkuma Featured By Owner May 1, 2004
Needless to say, it's awesome :9
DarkDelusion Featured By Owner May 1, 2004
you just described my life... o.o A beautiful image
ysyra Featured By Owner May 1, 2004  Professional Traditional Artist
that's so beautiful! so deep!! i love it!!
blissian Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2004
it beaqutifull! nice use of words.
therian Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2004
We've all been there before. The lighting effects are really cool Keg. Keep up the good work. :thumbsup:
jesonite Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
that mask... it's the truth... I feel hurt now....
astasia Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2004  Student
gorgeous, gorgeous piece of work. Definately deserves a fav... :+favlove: Keep up the great art.
maharetkitty Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2004
i can so relate currently...
tygris Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2004   Artisan Crafter
wow what a fantastic concept. i absolutely love it, and i can definitely relate
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